A turn of events

I’ve been absent from my blog longer that normal lately. Partly it has been because of health issues, but also because I’ve been contemplating where I want to go with this blog. I like sewing, and I like documenting what I sew, but it seems to me that this space could be used for so much more – all related to sewing of course.   Sustainability as an expanding life choice As I’ve grown older I have started to care more about how our modern lifestyle affect everything around us. We shape the world with our wants, and actions, and most of the time not for the better. My new years resolution this year was to reduce my family’s household waste, and as a result I have among other things started making my own bread and yoghurt. Just to have less plastic and cardboard garbage to throw away each week. Since I was a little kid I’ve always loved going to the flea markets to buy toys and other things I needed. It was so much like going on a treasure hunt. I have a dad that loves going to them, and took me and my brother along whenever he could . It’s nice to think that things loved by someone else before me are now to be loved by me, and if I decide I don’t need those things any more I can return them to a flea market to be loved again. (As long as they are in working condition that is). Taking[…]