Top 5 sewing hits of 2015

Top 5 sewing hits of 2015

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice, long Christmas holiday. I know I am. I was planning to write about my home-made Christmas gifts and I even took lots of pictures of the making process. But now I’m away on holiday and the memory card with the pictures are back home. Typical.

Instead I will do my Top Five best makes of 2015 in reference to Crafting A Rainbow‘s annual end-of-the-year summary. I wear most of the clothes I make myself, and love a lot of them, so deciding on a Top 5 list is not easy. And I considered all my sewing, not just the clothes I made for myself. So, here’s my list, in no particular order:

Top 5 sewing hits of 2015

  1. Favourite trousers from RTW. Even if they are a rather late addition to my wardrobe I have use these a lot. They have their flaws, but they fit me better than any other pair of trousers I own. I have also made a second version of these trousers in blue wool, and with a few fitting issues addressed. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog that pair soon, as they are even better than my first pair. The knitted west you see in the picture is also made by me, but sadly unblogged as of yet.

    Favourite trousers

    Favourite trousers from RTW

  2. My cartoon Burda 7580 knit dress. I have used this dress so much. It’s fun to wear, and soooo comfortable. It’s true that the print has faded a bit, and the viscose could have been better quality. But I love it all the same. And I love all the comments I get when I’m wearing the dress. 🙂 I usually wear them with colourful stockings, and not trousers, but it was a cold Autumn morning on this photoshoot.

    Burda 7580 knit dress

    Burda 7580 knit dress

  3. My knitted Marius wool sweater. This is the warmest garment I have ever made, I think. I knitted the sweater in early spring, but it has proved it’s weight in gold this cold cold summer, wet Autumn, and relative warm winter. It has been an all-year-round sweater, something I didn’t believe when I knitted it in more or less the wrong season. There is snow in the picture as we went up to the mountains for Easter holiday this year.

    Marius sweater

    Knitted Marius sweater

  4. Homeboy hoodie for my hubby. This is obviously not made for me, but it’s one of my best even so. My husband wears this hoodie constantly, as it’s warm, comfortable and cool. I love it when what I sew for others are that much appreciated. I have started making a modified version of this pattern for myself, and I hope to finish that before long. We often walk in the forest on Sundays, and the pictures of this garment was taking during one of those walking trips.

    Homeboy Hoodie

    Homeboy Hoodie for my hubby

  5. My bright red Moneta. I have made so many versions of this pattern. And I wear them all. This is the latest addition of my Moneta collection. It’s packed away at the moment, but during spring and summer it gets a lot of wear.

    Moneta Dress from Colette Patterns

    Bright red Moneta Dress

So there you have them. My top 5 hits in 2015. It was fun going through my blog and deciding on what I’m the most pleased with. I don’t know if I will do the others, the “top 5 misses” etc. We’ll have to see. I might do them.

The next thing on my list now is to set some sewing plans for 2016. I hope to use up more of my expanding fabric stash, and will try to plan my new projects with this in mind, not buying new fabric unless I “have to” and be smart and use fabric and patterns that go well together and make my wardrobe more interchangeable.

I wish you all a Happy New Sewing Year.

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I'm a Norwegian woman in my early thirties, -married and with two children, living in Oslo -the capital of Norway. I have a BA in Art and Design from Høyskolen i Oslo, and is at current working with production in my professional life. Sewing is my all time hobby and passion. 

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