Det Store Symesterskapet – 3rd Episode.

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So, now they have sent yet another episode of Det Store Symesterskapet. Did you see it? And if you did -did you like it? This was a really fun episode I thought. Below is my account of the episode and what I made.

The first assignment: Vintage pattern.

This time we were given a vintage pattern to make. If you have ever tried sewing with vintage patterns you know that they aren’t quite like the the same as modern patterns. For one there are no markings on the pattern pieces for you to lean on. We were given a 70’s blouse pattern, and the design had a lot of gathering -around the neck and cuffs. I thought I would find a fabric with a nice drape to it to get the most out of the design. I found a fabric I wanted to use, -I think it was a viscose or polyester satin. Not the easiest to cut and sew, but the result would be worth it. The fabric had big white “bombs” in it, but I was just a tiny bit sheer, so I could quite easily line up the pattern pieces to get in straight on grain. -Something that is important when you work with symmetrical prints.Unfortunately there wasn’t enough fabric for the whole blouse so I had to find a second fabric to use for the sleeves. I needed something with the same or similar drape. There wasn’t a lot of fabrics to choose from with that in mind, but a found a viscose fabric I could work with. When I was working on the blouse Walter came over to me and asked what “snedband” (swedish word) was, and I replied that I thought it was elastics. It wasn’t though, something I realised when I came to that part myself. It was bias tape! Oh no. I felt so bad, having given Walter the wrong translation. I told him so, but he had already used elastics for the cuffs. Luckily the judges didn’t notice/mention it. But still I felt really bad. Anyway. I was sort of happy with my blouse, even if I thought it was a little ugly at the time. I even finished ahead of time and in an inspired moment went over to the ribbons and found a gold ribbon I used for an improvised belt. Can you believe that they liked my blouse the best..? I was so happy!

Vintage bluse. Photo: Anne Lyth

Vintage bluse. Photo: Anne Lyth

The second assignment: Redesign.

This was also a fun assignment. They actually gave us the skirts they had made us sew for the 2nd round of intervju for the show. They were now to become handbags. I got an idea pretty quickly. I wanted to use most of the skirt in the handbag and keep the features that I could. I found a pink fabric with dots I used as a facing on the inside. Had I made it as a “real” handbag for myself I would of course have made a full lining. As a final touch I made a rose from the last scraps from the skirt. I got in at third place and happy with that. Kristins purse was lovely and deserved 1st place.

Det Store Symesterskapet redesign handbag

Redesign handbag Photo: Anne Lyth

The third assignment: Trousers with a creative closing. 

I have sewn trousers before. For once I took the “safe road” and used my T&T pattern (tried and true) for this assignment. This made me confident that the trousers would fit well. 5,5 hours should be enough time for making a pair of trousers even with a few fitting adjustments, but still. The pattern I used was Simplicity 2562  but with changes to the button/fly. I knew from the start that my “creative closing” wasn’t very creative, but it was the only one I could think of to do. If I had to do it again I would probably have gone with a different idea. The main fabric I used was a good quality denim fabric with a little spandex from Rainbow Tekstil. The lining inside the waistband, and pockets was a flower printed cotton fabric from Stoff & Stil. The fabric was easy to sew and everything went more or less according to plan. I made double welt pockets for the back of the trouser and regular pockets with pocket shield in the front. The hem had a turn up and the waistband had a fly-front without a zipper. As the drawing shows there should have been green ribbons holding the closing shut. It was a shame though, that i forgot the creative part of my creative closing. Doh. But as a trouser I was rather satisfied with the result, and the judges did comment that my trousers had an brilliant fit and was very well sewn up. 🙂

#symesterskapet trouser sketch

Trouser sketch

The masterpiece

I was surprised when Tine and Andreas didn’t choose one of the trousers as this weeks “masterpiece”, and I think so was a few of the others. We (or at least I) had forgotten that they could choose from all our makes from the two days, not just the last day. This means I have gotten two masterpieces in three episodes. As you might guess I’m super happy with this.

As the rest of the gang I was sad to see Vegard go. He has a lot of spirits and good sense of humor, as well as being very talented. You should go and check out his blog, øyewear, if you haven’t already.

Anne, Willy and Vegard having fun on set. Photo: Walter

Anne, Willy and Vegard having fun on set. Photo: Walter

If you want to read about the previous episodes, you can find them here:

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I'm a Norwegian woman in my early thirties, -married and with two children, living in Oslo -the capital of Norway. I have a BA in Art and Design from Høyskolen i Oslo, and is at current working with production in my professional life. Sewing is my all time hobby and passion. 

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