Burda 7022 Mens trousers

Burda 7022 Mens trousers

Today I want to show you the Bunda 7022 trousers I made for my man last year. It the brown trousers you could see in the posting about this wool vest last week.

Burda 7022

Burda 7022 pattern, side view. Photo: me

The fabric

A few years ago (or a little more than that) my mother in law came back from a holiday with a few fabrics for me. One of them was a beautiful wool-cashmere fabric in dark brown. My husband wanted me to make him a pair of trousers with it. It has taken me a while, but they are finally finished.

Burda 7022 Front

Burda 7022 Front

The Burda 7022 pattern

He wanted classic suit style pair of trousers. The first pattern I found was the Vogue 2836 mens suit pattern.I started tracing the pattern of the trousers to make the muslin, but got discouraged by all the pattern pieces. I lay the project dead for a while. This was about 6 years ago. 😛 Then last year I found a new pattern that seemed a lot more promising. It was the Burda 7022. It too is a suit style trouser, but a bit more modern. The style has a single pleat in front, a double welt pocket at the backside and two different options for leg width. My man chose option A.

Burda 7022

Burda 7022 Envelope back

The making.

This time I managed to stay inspired, and finished the trousers in a week or two. I don’t really have all that much sewing time each day . I made a muslin to check the fit. There were very few adjustments I had to do. The size 48 fit him more or less out of the envelope. The only change I made was to the back rise -depening it a little .

I also had very limited fabric. My mother in law had just said to the woman she bought it from that she wanted enough fabric for a pair of pants. I got 1,5 meters(!) This was perhaps because she bought the fabric in Vietnam, and the men there are a bit smaller than Scandinavian men. At least I think that’s why there was so little fabric.

Still, I was determined to make it work. With a careful layout and a lot of moving about I got all the pieces on the fabric. I also had to cut out all pattern pieces from single layer fabric. The leftover fabric fitted in one of my hands, so it was a close call. Had he been a size larger it would never have worked.

Burda 7022

Front View, Photo: me

 The finished trousers. 

Here you can see the finished result. My husband are very happy with them, and they continue to get a lot of wear. As the holiday season is coming up again I think they will used a lot in the near future too.

Burda 7022

Full front, Photo: me

Burda 7022

Back view. Photo: me

 Here are some detail shots. 


Full front


Fly front with zipper and hidden hook and bar.


Fly front open.


Front pocket reinforcements.


Double welt back pocket.


 Pattern: Burda 7022 trousers.
 Fabric: Wool/cashmere fabric from Vietnam, and poly satin pocket lining from my stash. 
 Notes: I made a size 48, with only a few minor fitting adjustments. I had to go back and add extra belt loops as there are too few in the pattern.  

Burda 7022

Striking a pose. Photo:me

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2 thoughts on “Burda 7022 Mens trousers

I am so happy with my new garments, and the fact that you make them for me. These pants fit perfectly when they were made, but I lost a few pounds since then, so they look a little baggy now 😐 Maybe we can fix that?

    Anne Lyth

    Your are welcome darling. Off course we can. I will make you many more garments in 2015. And I will blog about most of them 😉

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