Holiday wishes and plans for 2015

Holiday wishes and plans for 2015

The holidays are upon us and I’m enjoying the company of my family, eating until I almost fall over and generally just having a great time. I hope you have the same.

Being true to my hobby I have even brought my sewing machine to my holiday. I have promised my husband that his gift this year (or at least part of it) will be two pairs of trousers. The pattern will be the Jutland pants from Thread Theory. I have already bought the fabrics and the pattern, but haven’t gotten around to the making part yet. It seems I should have wished for a new printer this Christmas, because when I tried to print out the PDF pattern my printer gave in. Oh well. I will find a way.

Plans for 2015

I was hoping I would have time to make a new Christmas dress for myself this year, but no such luck. But it will be nice to have a new dress in January too. And as I have my birthday coming up in early February, you might see a blue wool Dahlia dress about this time next month.

Selfless sewing

It seems I have a lot of selfless sewing coming up in 2015. In addition to the two trousers I have promised my husband, and some clothes that my kids need I have also taken on sewing my cousins wedding dress. She is getting married in the end of May, and as I don’t have sewing as a full time job, it isn’t really that much time. Luckily she want’s a simple dress with no hand embroidery and such like. Otherwise I don’t think I would have been the right person for the job. I will blog about the process so you can take part in the making of the dress. Here is an inspiration photo she gave me.

Khandro dress

Khandro dress (photo borrowed from Wai Ching site)

Selfish sewing

I have off course a lot of selfish sewing I want to do in 2015 as well. Last year I started sewing up a new wardrobe for myself. I wanted a slightly different style than I have had in the past. Especially when it comes to work clothes. I changed workplace this year and I saw a chance to make some changes to my wardrobe. There is still a few garments I want to make for myself. Here are some of them:

Wool coat.

I bought a nice wool fabric at Rainbow Tekstil at their annual sale this autumn, and thought I would make myself a nice, warm wool coat. I haven’t much experience with sewing outerwear, so it will be a nice challenge. I have several patterns to choose from, but there are three patterns I think have the best potential: Onion 1047 and Onion 1046, and the Quart Coat from Pauline Alice. Hopefully the coat will be done before the spring.

Quart Coat

Quart Coat from Pauline Alice


Wool cardigans

After seeing versions of it around the blogs I bought the Jenna Cardi pattern from Muse Patterns a few months ago and gave it a try. I made the view with gatherings at the chest and 3/4 sleeves. It turned out great, and now I want more! I plan to make at least two more versions of the cardigan. One in sand colour with long sleeves, and one in grey or brown with gathering at the sleeve cap. The last one will have to be with a few adjustments to the pattern as it don’t come with gathered sleeves. Still, no major problem.

Jena Cardi from Muse Patterns. (Photo borrowed from the site)

Jenna Cardi from Muse Patterns. (Photo borrowed from the site)

 Dahlia dress

Have you seen the Dahlia dress from Colette Patterns? I have seen some very beautiful versions of it around the web. It’s a nice raglan style dress with gathering at the chest and a classic shape. I will make mine in a dark blue wool twill from Rainbow Tekstil. It will be made with a blue viscose lining. Below is a photo of a version made by Varp & Veft/Godstoff.

Dahlia Dress made by (photo borrowed from site)

Dahlia Dress made by (photo borrowed from site)


Making pants

Another pattern I really want to try is the Ginger skinny jeans pattern from Closet Case Files. It’s a jeans pattern with a high waistline and a flattering cut. I have a sway back, and because of that I have problems finding pants that fit me well. That means I’m always wearing a belt. It would be nice to have a pair (or two) of pants where I don’t have to. What I have seen from the Ginger jeans pattern it looks very promising.


Ginger Skinny Jeans Pattern (photo borrowed from Closet Case Patterns)

Ginger Skinny Jeans Pattern (photo borrowed from Closet Case Patterns)


Well, now you know some of my plans. What are you planning to make in 2015?

I also wish you a continued nice holiday and a happy new year.

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I'm a Norwegian woman in my early thirties, -married and with two children, living in Oslo -the capital of Norway. I have a BA in Art and Design from Høyskolen i Oslo, and is at current working with production in my professional life. Sewing is my all time hobby and passion. 

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