grey wool t-shirt

grey wool t-shirt


Sometimes I have to take a break in the middle of a big project in order to make something easy. Something to satisfy my need to be useful and finish something in a hour or two. I am currently in the middle of making myself a new Autumn jacket, but I made a t-shirt for my husband yesterday.


Wool T-shirt detail

Getting an request

My husband came to me the other day asking me what I had in the way of wool jersey. He said he could use a new wool t-shirt or two. I showed him what’s in my stash ( I have a big carton full of wool fabrics I bought on sale at Janus this summer) and he found a medium heavy wool rib in dark grey melange. If I’m to guess I would say that is was about 200-250 g/m2. «this one» he said, «but I want it to have red seams». OK, not a problem.


Making the garment

The pattern is long since tried and tested so it was a simple cut and sew job. The cutting took about 10-15 min. And the my serger made the rest a quick finish.

I chose to use flat-lock seams, as it seemed to me to be the easiest way to get visible red seams. I changed one of the threads on my serger to red (yes, I’m lazy when I can, and besides, the serger already had black threads), and set the right tensions on the dials.


Wool T-shirt

I quite like the resulting garment, and so does my husband. The fit is good, if a little loose. I had to take of 2 cm at each side seam after he tried it on, as the rib is super stretchy, but also has a heavy drape to is. Next time I use a similar fabric I will go down a size I think.


Wool -shirt, back

Also, if I had better time, I would have stitched all the seams once on my regular sewing machine with a stretch stitch in the center of the flat-lock to get a more professional, gathered look. But well, you live, you learn.


Wool T-shirt, detail 2, flatlock



Wool T-shirt

 Pattern: my own, reconstructed from an old t-shirt 
 Fabric: Wool jersey from Janus 
 Notes: Entire assembly sewn on serger with flat-lock seam -but bar-tacked with 3 point zigzag at critical points.  


Afterthoughts: Grade down a size next time I use a rib/jersey with that amount of stretch. It will make a better fit. Also, take the time to sew a straight stitch ( with stretch seam) at the center of all seams to get a better look. Other than that, it’s perfect.


Wool T-shirt pose

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I'm a Norwegian woman in my early thirties, -married and with two children, living in Oslo -the capital of Norway. I have a BA in Art and Design from Høyskolen i Oslo, and is at current working with production in my professional life. Sewing is my all time hobby and passion. 

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