Welcome to my blog TOPSTITCHED. This blog has been in making for a long time, but finally it is ready.

My sewing

I will fill this space with my makes -clothes I have made for myself, and sometimes for my husband. I have two kids, but you will not see them here, neither what I make for them. No, this blog is about sewing clothes for grown ups -and mainly for me. In addition to finished makes I will sometimes show photos of works in progress, give you the little tricks I have learned and use in my sewing, and similar things.


Topstitched by Anne Lyth, Photo by: Charlotte Wiig

Det Store Symesterskapet

You might find it interesting to know that I’m in a sewing show that just about to start airing on NRK 1 – A show called «Det Store Symesterskapet» and is a concept that the Norwegian State channel (NRK) bought from BBC. The original show was called «The Great British Sewing Bee» and has been aired in two seasons on BBC. Both very nice shows. For “Det Store Symesterskapet” I will give you some of my comments on the episodes after they have been aired here in Norway, and perhaps show you a few  photographs from the making of the show -with the permission of the NRK, off course. The 1st episode starts on NRK1 on 19th of November, at 19:45.

Delt. ute

Det Store Symesterskapet. Photo by: NRK

Delt. + domm + progl. inne

Det Store Symesterskapet, Photo by: NRK

Why I am blogging.

I wanted to set up this blog for a particular reason. I want to show of the garments I make, hoping other people will find this interesting and be inspired, and maybe take up sewing themselves-if they’re not into it already. Making your own clothes is satisfying in a lot of ways. You get to be creative, roll yourself in lush fabrics, prints and colours, and you get to have clothes you can’t find in the shops. For me, this also means I can «upgrade» my wardrobe to a standard I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. I sew a lot in fabrics considered «difficult». Silks, lace and velvets among these, and I want to encourage others to do the same thing. It’s not so difficult when you have a few basic tools and tricks. And some patience of course.

2014-09-04 21.29.43

Fabric detail

Tips and tricks

Since I started sewing I have learned a lot of small tricks on the way -either by experience or picked up on other blogs. There is a lot of great stuff out there and I learn something new every time I visit a sewing blog as well as every time I sew myself. These things makes it easier to sew in materials like silk for instance. The same type of techniques can’t be used for every type of fabric. Sewing in viscose jersey and a woven viscose/linen blend for instance is two quite different things and the approach you have to take to get a good result is different indeed.


The bookworm

I love books. They are a good source of information when you are stuck, but also a great go-to when you need inspiration. I will from time to time tell you about some of the books I turn to when sewing, along with blogs I visit for inspiration. The great thing about the open online community is that it’s so easy to get inspired. There is a lot of skilled people out there. You might find some of them mentioned here from time to time.


Why English?

I’m a Norwegian, so why write in English you say? Well, for one, this means that potentially more people will read and enjoy my blog. English has also been my professional language for quite a few years, and I want to keep it fresh in my mind. What you don’t practice you will often forget -very much so with languages. Thirdly a lot of my books and patterns are in English, which makes it easier when I’m giving you my thoughts and reviews of said material.

I really hope you will enjoy this blog as it develops, and you are welcome to leave a comment on the site or send me an email if you have comments or suggestions for me. -Either in English or in any of the Scandinavian languages. 😉

Thank you for reading this far, and welcome back to TOPSTITCHED. 🙂

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Anne Lyth

I'm a Norwegian woman in my early thirties, -married and with two children, living in Oslo -the capital of Norway. I have a BA in Art and Design from Høyskolen i Oslo, and is at current working with production in my professional life. Sewing is my all time hobby and passion. 

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