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Det Store Symesterskapet – 1st Episode

Det Store Symesterskapet – first episode aired

NRK sent the first of the six episodes of “Det Store Symesterskapet” today. What did you think? 

At 19:45 today (19.11.2014) NRK sent the first episode of the “Det Store Symesterskapet” on NRK1. An episode of 1 hour where you can see me and the seven other contestants make three different garments under the watchfull eye of the tv-host Christine Hope and the judges Tine Solheim and Andreas Feet.

Delt. ute

From left: Walter, Kristin, Vegard,Willy,Julie,Maiken. At the back: Anne and Solveig Photo: NKR

If you watched it, what did you think about the show? I can tell you what I think…

Spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen the episode yet you might want to do that before reading on. 😉

The first garment challenge was to make a hoodie in stretch fabric.

I chose a stretch lace fabric in a nice off-white shade, and trim in ligth grey. The lace didn’t behave as nicely as I would have liked, and as a result some of the seams got a bit wobbly. This was off-cource noticed by the judges – which was fair enough. Also, I forgot to stick to the pattern -as is how I always work at home, and made the hood not according to instructions – with a single layer instead of two layers. This was plain stupid. But all in all I was very happy with the finished garment. -and maybe a little suprised that I didn’t get a higher ranking 😉

Anne arbeidsstasjon

Anne busy at the sewing machine, Photo: NRK

The second garment challenge – redesign top.

This second challenge didn’t turn out so good for me. I very quickly knew what I wanted to do with the top we were presented with, and went for it. All went very well for a time, but then I made the crutial mistake to sew the peplum on the wrong side out. This resultet in panick, and I tried to redo what I hade done in 30 min. in 5. It didn’t turn out well at all. And when the time was out I totally cracked and cried. I knew I would get bottom placement for the hack job I had done. – lesson learned: don’t rush too much. It will cost you in the end. Also -as an after thought, the peplum was a little too large, and thus a little too heavy to keep a nice shape. If I ever try to do something similar again I will use half the length on the peplum.

Anne, Willy og Solveig redesign oppgave. Photo: NRK

The third garment challenge – Statement skirt.

This challenge was prepared in advance. We had picked out the pattern and bought the supplies before coming to the competition. The pattern I chose was the maxi skirt Gabriola from Sewaholic, and made it into a kneelength style as we were told the skirt should be short. The pattern has several panels giving it shape.

Anne, Walter og Vegard ved klippebordet. Photo: NRK

I used a lace (I know, again) in dark blue, from Rainbow Tekstil. But as it was a lace, I needed a lining underneath. What I chose was to make the exact same pattern again for the lining – a nice silk satin in orange, also from Rainbow Tekstil. This gave me a total of 32 pieces (i think) to put together at the challenge the second day of the competition. Ups. In addition we had to fit our skirts to a model. As I rearly sew for anyone but myself, my husband and my kids this was a little challenging. Luckilly enough my model had the same shape as me -though not the same size, and I was able to fit it to her quite nicely.

As the hour of judgement grew nearer I had to make some hasty decitions. Among other things I didn’t have time to finish the edge of the lining, and just cut it straight with my sissors. Also the zipper had to be exposed, as I didn’t have time to do a hidden or lappeled zip.

All in all I had a great day, and was pleased with the finished skirt. I might not have been as “statementy” as some of the others, but it had my style signature.

After thought – I should have made it a little simpler conserning the lining. A circle or half circle skirt underneath would have done the trick, and be a lot faster to sew. It might also have gived the skirt the missing “swoosh”.

I wish I had a shot of the finished skirt, but I don’t. So you can have a look at that fantastic view we had on location instead.

2014-06-24 08.40.15

The view from Oleana factory building, Ytre Arna, Bergen,Norway. Photo: Anne Lyth

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