Sewing blogs I read and recommend.

I want to share with you some of the sewing blogs /sites I often visit. I know there are a lot more I should check out, so if you have a blog you like please leave a comment so I can check it out.


The sewing blogs /sites of the other members of Det Store Symesterskapet (the Norwegian version of The Great British Sewing Bee):







Willys syrom:

Walter: http://nytenk.no




Some other readable sewing blogs on the World Wide Web.

There are of course a lot more I visit from time to time, but I read most of what these talented people write. Many of them are also independent pattern designers.


A Fashionable Stitch, A superb blog by the lovely Sunni. She also has a webshop with fabrics and sewing supplies.

Cashmerette, a (mostly plus-size) sewing blog as she calls it herself.

Coletterie, Beautiful and stylish ladies garments with an sewing pattern online store in addition.

Grainline, Sewing, pattern making, tips, tricks, tutorials, and style posts in addition to sewing patterns.

House of Pinheiro,  a great and fashionable blog by the sweet Rachel.

LLadybird, a blog by Lauren on the other side of the pond. She has hosted some superb sewalongs on her blog.

 Lucky Lucille, she has a  unique style and approach to sewing, and a lovely vintage inspired wardrobe.

Male Pattern Boldnessone of the few male blogs I know and read. I love his take on fashion.

 Scruffy Badger Time, a fun and different sewing blog.

Sewaholic, Sewing projects, tips and inspiration for the modern seamstress as well as a online pattern shop.

Thread Theory, another male oriented blog, and with the addition of a excellent online sewing pattern line.

 Tilly and the Buttons, stylish and modern and with a lot of tutorials. She too have her own sewing patterns.


There of course a few more blogs I follow, but these are all updated regularly up to now. I hope you find them interesting.


Sewing blogs I recommend


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